Q: How/where is the sensor placed on an athlete?

A: Our patented C.I.A. sensor must be placed on the head of the athlete. With supplied special double-sided adhesive, the sensor is firmly attached to the helmet. This provides the most accurate measurements, as well as being the most visible location so that training staff can easily see if the LED indicator light is illuminated.

Q: Can I buy an individual sensor?

A: Due to the complexity of the Safebrain System, we do not sell individual sensors. It is only offered as a team kit. If you have purchased a team kit and are looking to replace damaged sensors, we replace them for free for our customers who are on the annual service contract. If you are not on our annual service contract, please contact us for more details on replacement sensors.

Q: How do I use the Safebrain System Software?

A: We provide detailed instructions and training to anyone who buys a Safebrain System team kit. TheĀ  Safebrain System software comes preloaded on a laptop included with your Safebrain System. We have designed the software with the user in mind, and as a result we have made sure to keep the Safebrain System software user-friendly. We recommend one parent/volunteer/staff be responsible for loading helmet data after games. If you have any specific questions about the Safebrain System software, we are available to provide support.

Q: What do I have to do to calibrate and set-up the Safebrain System?

A: Our Safebrain System comes ready to go out of the box; no calibration is required. You simply need to arm the sensor before each game with the provided set-points. With our annual service contract, you end back your C.I.A. Sensors annually and we will service, replace batteries and verify that each one is still functioning properly plus provide you with a calibration verification on each C.I.A Sensor.

Q: How long does a C.I.A. sensors battery last?

A: The C.I.A. sensors battery is designed to last over a year under normal conditions. The sensors goes into battery saving mode after a set amount of time in order to ensure a longer battery life. Under our annual service contract, we replace all batteries free of charge.

Q: How big is the C.I.A. sensor?

A: Our patented C.I.A. sensor weighs less than 8 grams and is approximately 1″x1″x0.3″

Q: Can the Safebrain System prevent injuries?

A: No, the Safe Brain system is a notification and data-logging system only. It can however alert training staff and/or coaches of an impact occurring over a predefined level, at which point further attention can be given to an athlete in order to prevent further injury from continuing play.

Q: How are the notification setpoint levels of the C.I.A. sensors determined?

A: Studies are currently underway with the assistance of Dr. Mrazik to determine the recommended setting for each level. These levels can be modified during the season based on need and individual circumstances. Contact us for further information.

Q: What Do I do when the notification LED is flashing?

A: After the player is evaluated by the coaching, training or medical staff, the LED will automatically reset itself after 5 minutes. The notification LED can be reset by coaching staff on the bench by using the special reset tool.